Better Growth Better Climate

(CC) Nicola Jones/ FlickrThe Global Commission on the Economy and Climate has just published “Better Growth, Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report.”

According to the study governments and business can now improve economic growth and reduce their economic emissions together.

The report considers the next 15 years vital because in that time the global economy is forecasted to grow by more than a half, and about US $90 trillion will be invested in infrastructure in the world’s cities, agriculture and energy systems.

The report finds that there are now major opportunities to achieve strong growth with lower emissions in three key sectors of the global economy: cities, land use and energy.

In order to achieve this growth, governments and business need to improve: resource efficiency, infrastructure investment and technological and business innovation.

The report sets out a detailed 10-point Global Action Plan of practical recommendations that can achieve greater prosperity and a safer climate at the same time.

Download Better Growth Better Climate report here.