Cities of Opportunity index

(CC) @Doug88888/FlickrLondon has finished top of PwC’s Cities of Opportunity index for the first time, followed by New York and Singapore, according to the Cities of Opportunity report published by PwC together with The Partnership for New York City. Now in its sixth year, the index analyzes the top 30 capitals of finance, commerce and culture.

Madrid held on to its position in 16th place among the cities with the strongest economic and social outlook.

Here is a quick rundown of the Cities of Opportunity key indicators and top three cities within each category:

  • Intellectual capital and innovation: Paris, London, San Francisco
  • Technology readiness: London and Seoul (tied for first place), Stockholm
  • City gateway: London, Beijing, Singapore
  • Transportation and infrastructure: Singapore, Toronto, Buenos Aires and Seoul (tied for third)
  • Health, safety and security: Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto (tied for second)
  • Sustainability and the natural environment: Stockholm and Sydney (tied for first), Paris and Berlin (tied for third)
  • Demographics and livability: Sydney, London, San Francisco
  • Economic clout: London, Beijing, New York
  • Ease of doing business: Singapore, Hong Kong, New York
  • Cost: Los Angeles, Chicago, Johannesburg

The full report is available at