Developments in collectively agreed working time 2013

(CC) reynermedia / FlickrEurofound has just published a report on working time developments in Europe, “Developments in collectively agreed working time 2013.”

According to the study the average collectively agreed weekly working time in the European Union stood at 38.1 hours in 2013. The working week was on average 30 minutes shorter in the pre-2004 EU15 countries and over 90 minutes longer in the new Member States.

The report provides a snapshot of working time developments in the European Union and Norway in 2013 as agreed between the social partners in collective agreements.

The combined total of agreed annual leave and public holidays in the EU varied from 40 days in Germany and France to 29 days in Belgium – a difference of more than two working weeks.

Download the Eurofound report on working time and annual holidays here.