EU Anti-Corruption Report

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The European Commision has just published the “EU Anti-Corruption Report”. According to the report corruption costs the European economy around 120 billions euros per year.

The study provides a clear picture of the situation in each Member State: measures in place, outstanding issues, policies that are working and areas that could be improved.

It also shows that the natures and scope of corruption varies from the one Member State to another and that the effectiveness of anti-corruption policies is quite different.

This is illustrated by the results of a Eurobarometer survey on the attitudes of Europeans towards corruption published. The survey shows that three quarters (76%) of Europeans think that corruption is widespread and more than half (56%) think that the level of corruption in their country has increased over the past three years. One out of twelve Europeans (8%) say they have experienced or witnessed a case of corruption in the past year.

For more information download the EU Anti-Corruption report.