Free Movement: The Integration of Mobile EU citizens

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(CC) Joachim S. Müller/FlickrThe European Commission has just published a study titled “Evaluation of the Impact of the Free Movement of EU Citizens at Local level”. The study focuses on six European cities, selected by the multinational composition of their population: Barcelona, Dublin, Hamburg, Lille, Prague and Turin.

The report analyzes policies regarding economic and social inclusion of EU mobile citizens. They include employment, entrepreneurship, housing, education, inter-cultural dialogue, attitudes towards migration and participation in city life.

The main findings of the report are that:

-EU citizens move mainly in pursuit of job opportunities and are younger and more economically active than the local population.

-The free movement is helping to address the demographic challenges of an ageing population.

-It is also filling gaps in the labor market.

The study includes a series of best practices from the cities analyzed.