OECD: The Rise of Inequality and Social Divisions

Stock.xchngThe OECD has just published the report “Society at a Glance 2014: The Crisis and Its Aftermath”. According to the study, income inequality and social division have risen sharply since the beginning of the economic crisis.

The economic crisis has disproportionately hit the most vulnerable in society, and their conditions could continue to worsen unless governments take pro-active steps to protect them. These should include avoiding imposing further cuts in social transfers.

The indicators used by the report include:

-People living in households without any income

-Share of income lost

-Share of 18-25 year-olds in households with incomes below half the national median

-People that cannot afford to buy enough food

-Fertility rates

-Spending on education relative to GDP.

Society at a Glance gives an overview of social trends and policy developments in OECD countries. Find data here and country highlights here.