Spain: Growth with Jobs

(CC) dariuszman / FreeimagesThe new ILO report, “Spain: Growth with jobs”, investigates the specific challenges facing Spain in the aftermath of the crisis.

According to the study, the Spanish economy has started to recover from the crisis, driven mainly by strong export growth. However, the economic, employment and social repercussions from the crisis remain significant.

A range of measures could be introduced to help consolidate the jobs recovery:

  1. Actions to nurture enterprise growth and economic diversification.
  2. A coherent set of measures to help jobseekers remain in the labour market, acquire new skills and obtain employment notably for youth and jobless households aided by a major overhaul of the public employment service (PES).
  3. Balanced reforms that facilitate hiring and boost job quality increase the coverage of collective agreements and achieve more balanced income distribution and avoid further wage cuts.
  4. Ensure adequate social protection, and finally
  5. A macroeconomic policy which accommodates the employment and social strategy. Tripartite social dialogue is key to this transformation strategy.

Dowload the full text “Spain: Growth with jobs” or the Spanish’s version “España: Crecimiento con Empleo.”