World Social Protection Report 2014-15

(CC) John and Melanie / FlickrThe International Labour Organization (ILO) has just presented the latest social security trends in the report “World Social Protection Report 2014/15: Building economic recovery, inclusive development and social justice”.

According to the study more than 70 per cent of the world population is not adequately covered by social protection.

The report looks at different social protection trends following a life-cycle approach:

-At the global level, governments allocate only 0.4 per cent of GDP to child and family benefits, with expenditures ranging from 2.2 per cent in Western Europe to 0,2 per cent in Africa and in Asia/Pacific.

-Expenditures for social protection for people during working age range from 0.5 per cent in Africa to 5.9 per cent in Western Europe.

-Almost half of all people over pensionable age do not receive a pension.

-About 39 per cent of the world population lacks any affiliation to a health system or scheme.

Download the World Social Protection Report here.