EU Transport Scoreboard

TGV por Port-la-NouvelleThe European Commission has just published the “EU Transport Scoreboard 2015”, which compares how Member States perform in 29 transport categories.

The objective of the Scoreboard is to help Member States to identify areas requiring priority investments and actions, in order to create a Single European Transport Area with high standards, notably in terms of sustainability. This is essential to the deepening of the internal market and to the shift towards a low-carbon economy, two priorities of the Commission.

The Scoreboard brings together data from a variety of public sources (such as Eurostat, the European Environment Agency and the World Economic Forum)

The Netherlands top this year’s edition with high scores in 16 categories, followed by Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

The Scoreboard can be consulted either by country or by one of the following topics:

-Internal Market

-Investments and infrastructure

-Energy Union and innovation


Spain is far advanced as regards the completion of the Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T) core network. However, it scores among the lowest in the EU regarding the employment share in high growth transport enterprises.

Download the “EU Transport Scoreboard” here.