Global Financial Development Report 2015-2016

(CC) World BankThe World Bank has just published the “Global Financial Development Report 2015-2016: Long-term Financing.”

According to the new study, extending the maturity structure of finance is considered to be at the core of sustainable financial development.

The reports warns that a shortage of long-term financing since the 2008 crisis is chocking the investment-backed growth for companies in developing countries and hampering the ability of credit-worthy families to borrow for education and housing needs and escape poverty.

The study emphasizes that governments and international bodies must focus on reforms that help overcome market failures and institutional and policy weaknesses. They must also improve risk and information sharing, and promote financial literacy and consumer protection.

The report highlights examples, as well as innovative approaches, that some countries have taken to win Access to long-term financing.

Download the Global Financial Development Report 2015-2016.