ILO World Report on Women in Business and Management

freeimagesThe ILO has just published the report titled, “Women in Business and Management: Gaining momentum.” The study shows positive link between female leadership and business performance and urges boost from current 5 per cent of women in top positions.

According to ILO estimates, in 80 of the 108 countries for which ILO data is available, the proportion of women managers has increased during this period. According to the report, Jamaica has the highest proportion of women managers at 59.3 per cent, while Yemen has the least with 2.1 per cent. Spain is 57th in the list of 108 countries with 30 per cent women managers. 

The report provides statistics on women in management and in business for most countries from all regions and at all levels of development. It also contains data on the gender pay gap at management and lower levels, as well as statistics on women’s achievements in education. 

Download the full report here.