Top 100 Global Innovators 2015

(CC) Luke Dorny/FlickrSony, Amazon and Roche are among the high fliers in this year’s Top 100 Global Innovators of the Thomson Reuters list. The fifth annual Thomson Reuters top 100 Global Innovators recognizes innovators and organizations that have created breakthroughs that shape the future and generate economic success, encouraging and driving more innovation, more jobs and more revenue.

The Top 100 Global Innovators generated more than $429 trillion in revenue and invested more than $20 trillion in R&D (local currency) in 2014. The 2015 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators outperformed the MSCI World Index in revenue by 6.01 percentage points, employment by 4.09 percentage points, and market-cap-weighted R&D spending by 1.86 percentage points.

The full report is available here.