Europeans Face the World Divided

(CC) Charles Clegg / FlickrThe Pew Research Center has just published the study “European Face the World Divided.”

According to the survey results many Europeans favour turning inward as their continent faces mounting challenges including economic stagnation, terrorist attacks and an influx of refugees.

Views of their respective countries’ place in the world vary widely, but few see the past decade as a time of growing national importance. And across the continent publics are divided: Many favor looking inward to focus on domestic issues, while others question whether commitments to allies should take precedence over national interests.

Pew Research Centre conducted the survey from April 4 to May 12 2016, and nearly 11.500 people participated in 10 European countries.

The just released survey, was also conducted in the United States, where 57 per cent of respondents believe their country should deal with its own problems and let other nations deal with theirs as best they can.

Access the survey results here.