Spanish CEO Pablo Isla is World’s Third Best-Performing CEO

PabloIsla_GradMBA2014_vWeb-Retoc_20140521152400Spanish clothing retailer Inditex’s president Pablo Isla occupies third place in Harvard Business Review’s list of the top CEOs worldwide. The CEO of Danish pharmaceutical NovoNordisk, Lars Rieben Soerensen, led the ranking, followed by John Chambers, of Cisco Systems, in second position. The Spaniards Florentino Pérez, president of Grupo ACS, and Iñigo Meirás, of Ferrovial, placed 13th and 51st respectively.

The HBR ranking was based on a thorough analysis of the performance of the executives from the very first day as CEO. As such, it captures not only the latest results of each company studied but also their long-term performance under the stewardship of its respective CEO. Moreover, in the latest edition Harvard Business Review has included the calculations of Sustainalytics, a company specialized in investment research. That’s why the results of this ranking are very different from last year’s.

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