The Best Places to Work in Spain 2016

(CC) C_osett / FlickrGreat Place to Work®, a global benchmark in Human Resources research and management, this month presented awards to the 50 companies featured in the Best Workplaces Spain 2016. The original list of candidates included 325 companies of wildly varying sizes and sectors.

The companies that topped the ranking for 2016 are Brico Depôt (in the “>1,000 employees” category), Mars Spain (500 –1,000), Cisco (250–500), W.L. GORE Y ASOCIADOS, S.L. (100 – 250) and AR Diamante Beach Spa & Convention Center (50 – 100).

Here are some of the findings of the Great Place to Work in Spain 2016 survey:

· The companies featured created a grand total of 12,644 new job posts in Spain, after receiving 100,956 job applications – an average of seven applications for each job.

· 96% of the companies have specially assigned rest areas for workers.

· 95% have flexible timetables and 86% offer the opportunity to work remotely.

· 79% offer their workers variable pay and health insurance.

· 93% have a system in place for ensuring equal pay between male and female workers.

· 91% have ongoing two-way conversations with employees about performance, in which the employees contribute proactively with ideas and suggestions.

You can access the full list of winning companies by clicking here.