The Global Risks Report 2016

CoverThe World Economic Forum has just published β€œThe Global Risks Report 2016”. The 11th edition of the study draws attention to ways that global risks could evolve and interact in the next decade.

Geopolitical concerns remain prominent in the minds of respondents to the Global Risks Perception Survey for the second year in a row. The Report therefore delves into the international security landscape and explores what drives this evolution and, in particular, how it could be affected by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and climate change. The three scenarios for possible futures developed in this context inform new ways of building resilience to security threats through public-private collaboration.

The Report also steps back and explores how emerging global risks and major trends, such as climate change, the rise of cyber dependence and income and wealth disparity are impacting already-strained societies by highlighting three clusters of risks as Risks in Focus. As resilience building is helped by the ability to analyze global risks from the perspective of specific stakeholders, the Report also analyses the significance of global risks to the business community at a regional and country-level.

The Global Risks Report 2016 features perspectives from nearly 750 experts on the perceived impact and likelihood of 29 prevalent global risks over a 10-year timeframe. The risks are divided into five categories: economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological.

Download β€œThe Global Risks Report 2016”.