Women at Work: Trends 2016

(CC) Women at Work_Trends 2016/ILOThe ILO has just published the report “Women at Work: Trends 2016.” The study highlights the enormous challenges women continue to face in finding and keeping decent jobs around the world.

The report examined data for up to 178 countries and concludes that inequality between women and men persists across a wide spectrum of the global labour market. What’s more, the report shows that over the last two decades, significant progress made by women in education hasn’t translated into comparable improvements in their position at work.

According to the report, at the global level, the employment gender gap has closed by only 0.6 percentage points since 1995, with an employment-to-population ratio of 46 per cent for women and almost 72 per cent for men in 2015.

Download the “Women at Work” report.