Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and their Impact on the Workplace

ImageHandlerThe International Bar Association Global Employment Institute (IBA GEI) has just published a 120-page comprehensive report entitled “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Their Impact on the Workplace.”

The study focuses on potential future trends of AI, and the likely impact intelligent systems will have on: the labor market, the structures of companies, employees’ working time, remuneration and the working environment.

In addition to illustrating the thread and importance of law in relation to these areas, the GEI report assesses the law at different points in the automation cycle – from the developmental stage, when computerization of an industry begins, to what workers may experience as AI becomes more prevalent, through to issues of responsibility when things go wrong. These components are not examined in isolation, but in the context of economics, business and social environment.

Download “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Their Impact on the Workplace” here.