Digital Transformation Initiative

intro2.6b9e8550edfd9977638f07be26e79d0cThe Digital Transformation Initiative offers unique insights into the impact of digital technologies on business and wider society over the next decade. DTI research supports collaboration between the public and private sectors focused on ensuring that digitalization unlocks new levels of prosperity for both industry and society.

To maximize the opportunities surrounding digital innovation, the World Economic Forum launched the Digital Transformation Initiative in 2015. A collaborative project with Accenture, the initiative has already assessed the impact of digitalization on 13 industries and across five cross-industry topics. This work has brought them into direct contact with more than 300 executives, policy-makers and experts, who have helped uncover some key themes for ensuring the value of digitalization is captured by both business and society.

To date, DTI research has confirmed that digitalization has immense potential: they estimate it could deliver around $100 trillion in value to business and society over the next decade. Barriers to its realization exist – e.g. unfit regulatory frameworks, infrastructure gaps, lack of public trust in new technologies – but if stakeholders are incentivized correctly, the vast majority of that value can be captured.

Building on these findings, the initiative has identified some imperatives for business and policy leaders wanting to unlock the benefits of digitalization. The DTI’s aim now is to move beyond the research and further develop a multi-stakeholder dialogue that broadens understanding of digitalization’s implications and helps realize its benefits.

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