OECD Economic Survey of Spain 2017

oecd-economic-surveys-spain-2017_eco_surveys-esp-2017-enThe OECD has just published the “Economic Survey of Spain 2017”.

According to the report, the Spanish economy is enjoying a robust recovery from a deep recession, with structural reforms contributing to high growth rates and a gradual decline in unemployment. However, further measures to promote innovative business investment and improve skills are needed to both boost productivity and ensure that the benefits of growth reach all Spaniards.

The survey recognizes that the economic crisis has resulted in rising levels of poverty and income inequality. It identifies priority areas for making growth more inclusive, including further reductions in unemployment, better poverty reduction policies and improving the quality of jobs through better skills, training and job matching. The report also provides recommendations to make the tax mix more progressive and conducive to job creation, as well as to strengthen the role of the tax transfer system to better address inequalities.

The report points out that reducing unemployment remains a top priority.

Download the Economic Survey of Spain here.