The World’s 50 Most Popular Brands

(CC) greyweed/FlickrInstagram claimed the top spot in “The World’s 50 Most Popular Brands of 2015” report published by Infegy, thanks to volume of conversations, positive sentiment and overall passion for the brand. The top-ten is rounded out by Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Apple, Google, Disney, Snapchat, and Netflix.

This dashboard draws on data from more than 300 million online sources, including Twitter, blogs, forums, reviews, and news sites to surface:

  • The brands the people talk about most
  • Overall positivity and negativity surrounding each brand
  • Passion of those comments (such as “I love this!” vs “This is alright”)
  • The topics people reference most when talking about brands
  • Rankings based on several metrics, including volume and sentiment

To view the report and to see complete details on each of the 50 ranked brands, including gender, sentiment, purchase intent and trends, click here.