EU Regions and the Upgrading for the Digital Age

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(CC) EU Regions and the Upgrading for the Digital Age/JRC.EC

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has recently launched the following report: “EU regions and the upgrading for the digital age” by Antonio Vezzani, Emanuele Pugliese and Petros Gkotsis.

In this work they use patent data from the European patent office (EPO) to assess the capabilities of EU regions in developing digital technologies especially focusing on those that are more closely related to the digital transformation. More specifically, they measure ICT patents by considering those containing digital codes, as defined by the OECD. The penetration of digital technologies in the development of innovative products is instead captured by the co-occurrence of digital and non-digital codes within patent documents; they call these patents ICT-combining patents.

Read the full paper here.