Shaping the Future of Construction: Future Scenarios and Implications for the Industry

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(CC) Future Scenarios and Implications for the Industry/WEFThe World Economic Forum has recently published the “Future Scenarios and Implications for the Industry” report, in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group. The report is part of the World Economic Forum Initiative on Shaping the Future of Construction.

Incremental change is not an option any more in the construction industry. By redefining the ultimate frontier, leapfrogging innovations in construction will finally help address major societal challenges, from mass urbanization to climate change. The widespread adoption of game-changing innovations that consider a variety of possible futures is going to make a serious impact, socially, economically and environmentally.

This report examines what the industry could look like in the future and the strategic implications for the key stakeholders and broader society. The outlined transformation imperatives should help the industry prepare for a prosperous future.

Download the full text here.