The Global Women, Peace and Security Index 2017

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(CC) UN Women/FlickrThe global Women, Peace and Security Index was launched by The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security and the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO). It measures women’s well-being by assessing various factors such as inclusion, justice and security in 153 countries.

The Index reflects a shared vision that countries are more peaceful and prosperous when women are accorded full and equal rights and opportunity.

Iceland comes first, followed by Norway and Switzerland in the first edition of the WPS Index, which covers more than 98% of the world’s population, while war-torn Afghanistan and Syria are tied for last place.

Of these 153 States, Spain is in fifth position, with a note of 0.860, being the second best member state of the European Union in the classification, behind Slovenia, with a note of 0.861.

The report reveals that the best 12 countries in the ranking, including Spain, share certain common features. They are generally peaceful and stable societies, with high scores on the inclusion of women, especially with regard to women’s education, financial inclusion and access to digital technologies.

Worldwide, the WPS Index highlights the striking correlation between insecurity in the home, which is measured by high rates of intimate partner violence, and a lack of safety in the broader community. The findings also show that while money matters, many countries do far better on the WPS Index—or far worse—than their per capita income rank. Saudi Arabia drops 89 places on the WPS Index relative to its income ranking and Iran drops 57 places.

The index results reveal the potential for improvements, as well as more generalized deficits that require attention.

Download the “The global Women, Peace and Security Index ” report here.