Africa E-commerce Agenda: Roadmap for Action

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(CC) Joe The Goat Farmer/FlickrE-commerce in Africa is well underway, but it has potential to grow, creating new jobs and driving sustainable development. E-commerce stakeholders from within and beyond the continent have put together an action agenda to overcome the challenges to future e-commerce growth in the region. Goals and recommended next steps are identified in eight areas:

1. Refresh policies
2. Expand connectivity
3. Upgrade logistics
4. Enable e-payments
5. Manage data
6. Grow tech
7. Coach small business
8. Join forces

The agenda recognizes that for any individual e-commerce business to prosper, a wide ecosystem of digital technology and supporting companies must flourish, with a mix of local and global action needed to leverage cross-border opportunities. The agenda also notes that e-commerce sits within a broader digital economy context, including infrastructure-related, and technology questions, such as 5G. Policy cooperation on related digital issues – taxation, competition, labour and consumer protection, intellectual property – is critical too. These areas will be the guard-rails of e- commerce and the digital economy. The publication is led by the World Economic Forum and the International Trade Centre, with contributions from other partners.

The report is available from the World Economic Forum website.