Living and Working in Europe 2015-2018

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(CC) Living and Working in Europe 2015-2018/EurofoundLiving and Working in Europe 2015–2018 brings together Eurofound’s work on the quality of life, work and employment of EU citizens over the last four years of the outgoing European Parliament and Commission. It has a been a period of economic expansion, growing employment and rising living standards. There have been challenges, such as the growth of populism and the migration crisis, as well as opportunity, such as that offered by digitalisation. Over this period, Eurofound has answered some key questions about the living standards, well-being and working conditions of Europeans, highlighting where policymaking needs to target its efforts if it is to be seen to deliver.

This yearbook summarises the main themes where the Agency provided answers. It is arranged into two sections: the first addresses living conditions, while the second looks at employment and working conditions. The theme of convergence cross-cuts the chapters and key areas are selected to see whether Member States are making progress and disparities between them decreasing.

Read the full Eurofound report Living and Working in Europe 2015-2018.