Orbis: New Access and Interface Upgrade

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(CC) iStock-912617272/iStockWe would like to inform you that Orbis database has been upgraded to a new and improved user interface. The URL also has changed and the old Orbis will no longer be available.

Orbis is a global database from Bureau van Dijk. Our subscription include information on the top 1,909,132 companies worldwide (only Very Large & Large), public and private. Also official business documents and reports.

Think of Orbis when you want to:

• Get extensive data about a company including locations of subsidiaries.

• Screen for companies based on geography, financial performance, industry, deals, ownership structure, number of employees, year of incorporation and other criteria.

• Compare a company to its competitors along multiple dimensions.

What’s new?

• More companies: Orbis is constantly increasing. 

• You can now display a company name in its local alphabet alongside the ‘Latin’ version of its name using a simple selection option in the display screen.

• They are offering more detail in the ‘start all searches with a search on active companies’ option. You can now choose your definition of active. Definitions include companies with a rescue plan, in default of payment, with insolvency proceedings, in reorganization, and dormant.

• Results display. A couple of missing options have been added: Last available value and date of the last available value.

• Custom chapter. They have added more options when creating your own chapters. Alongside the existing options to build chapters with your chosen content, you can now create your own labels and have more choices around the presentation, including different text and header styles.

How to access to Orbis?

Access campus-wide and off campus, from the Top Databases menu on the Library homepage, clicking on Orbis, or from the A-Z Databases page. Please delete your browser’s cookies if you have any access problems.