The Democracy Index 2018

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(CC) Democracy_Index_2018/EIUThe latest edition of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Democracy Index reveals that despite a growing disillusionment with formal political institutions, political participation is on the rise in almost every region around the world, with the population being spurred into political action. The Index – which assesses the global state of democracy in 2018 – also reveals that in the past decade, women’s political participation has improved more than any other single indicator in the model.

Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand and Denmark, respectively, occupy this year’s top 5 places.

Other key findings in this year’s report include:

• Global democracy has not deteriorated for the first time in three years
• There were substantial declines in several European countries – including Italy, Turkey and Russia
• Asia recorded the highest improvement in its score out of any region

You can view the complete report including the full rankings here (pre-registration is required).