At Your Service: Working Conditions of Interactive Service Workers

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(CC) agilemktg1//FlickrAround three-quarters of the EU workforce is employed in the service sector, and a sizeable portion of service workers interact directly with the recipients of the services they provide, such as clients, patients, pupils and so on. This can be demanding work as it routinely places emotional demands on these workers and can have an impact on their well-being. This policy brief examines the working conditions of people employed ininteractive service work and investigates their job quality compared to the average employee. It focuses on the multiple emotional demands placed on them and assesses to what extent specific job resources (such as social support or good management quality) can help to prevent negative impacts of such demands. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, a special focus is put on the subgroup of workers in the health sector.

Download the full Eurofound report here.