Back to the future: Policy Pointers from Platform Work Scenarios

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(CC) Back to the future//EurofoundPlatform work – the matching of supply and demand for paid labour through an online platform – is still small in scale but is expected to grow. Accordingly, it is important to anticipate the opportunities and risks related to this business model and employment form. This report explores potential scenarios for two selected types of platform work by 2030, drawing on Eurofound’s ‘Future scenarios of platform work’ project. It assesses the expected implications for the economy, labour market and society if these potential futures were realised. On this basis, policy pointers show what could be done to facilitate desirable and avoid undesirable futures. These policy pointers consider how to capitalise on the opportunities inherent in on-location platform work, the need for regulatory clarity and enforcement, issues around worker representation, and the embeddedness of platform work in the digital age.

Download the full Eurofound report here.