GlobalData Disruptor on Trial

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(CC) ilker/FreeimagesThe Library has access to GlobalData’s Disruptor Intelligence Centre (3.0) for a trial period lasting until June 30, 2020.

The Disruptor Intelligence Centre provides users with a 360-degree view of more than 100 driving forces shaping the future of organizations in 18 of the world’s most important industries.

It tracks emerging tech-enabled opportunities across industries by providing information on start-ups, tech-led innovations, latest technology trends, influencers, consumer insights and venture capital portfolio investments.

As macro forces such as the COVID-19 outbreak and digital technologies re-write old rules, open up new opportunities and have a profoundly dynamic impact on geographies, industries, companies and consumers, Disruptor 3.0 offers detailed quantitative and qualitative intelligence of these trends, allowing a better understanding of their impact and opportunities.

How to access GlobalData Disruptor?

Go to GlobalData Disruptor, or access it from the A-Z Databases page.


Duration of trial: until June 30, 2020.