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ABS Launches Academic Journal Quality Guide Version 3

The newly-launched ABS Academic Journal Quality Guide is a hybrid publication based partly on peer review, partly on statistical information relating to citation, and partly upon editorial judgments following on from the detailed evaluation of many hundreds of publications over a long period. It provides guides to the range, subject matter and relative quality of …
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Top 100 Global Thinkers

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, tops Foreign Policy magazine’s “100 Top Global Thinkers of 2009” for “staving off another Great Depression”, while President Barack Obama occupies the No. 2 spot “for re-imagining America’s role in the world.” Ms. Zahra Rahnavard, Iranian political scientist and reformer, came in third for “being the brains behind …
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Transfer: European Review of Labor and Research

The publishing house Sage has just signed a new agreement with the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) to help fund the publication of its new magazine, Transfer, from January 2010. (The new journal website will be The magazine aims to stimulate dialogue between the European trade union movement and the academic and research communities, …
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New Business Journal Highlights Value of Knowing Your Clients, key to the success of eBay

(CC) blakesamic/Flickr Peppers & Rogers Group, a global thought leader in customer-centric business strategy recently published the first issue of its business journal, Customer Strategist. The publication was launched to showcase the customer-centric best practices from around the world. The premiere edition includes a recent study by Peppers & Rogers Group into the role of …
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Special Issue Ethics and Entrepreneurship in Journal of Business Venturing

The Journal of Business Venturing this month published a special issue about ethics and entrepreneurship, edited by Jared D. Harris, Harry J. Sapienza and Norman E. Bowie. As the editors say in the introduction to the articles, “A large number of excellent papers were considered for this special issue. In the end, the eight papers …
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Journal Citation Reports 2008 Edition Released

The new edition of Thompson Reuters (ISI) Journal Citation Reports (JCR) was released on June 18, 2009. JCR publishes the journal Impact Factors (IFs) on two databases, the Science Edition, and the Social Science Edition. JCR evaluates academic journal quality based on citations received by articles in a given journal by journals in the ISI …
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Creativity's Foreign Link

Living in another country can help expand minds, says a new study. “Gaining experience in foreign cultures has long been a classic prescription for artists interested in stimulating their imaginations or honing their crafts. But does living abroad actually make people more creative?” asks the study’s lead author, William Maddux, PhD, an assistant professor of …
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Top Management Journals Studying Management Research

A recent Ph.D. graduate in Management (IESE Business School), Niccolò Pisani, has just published an article in the Journal of Management titled “International Management Research: Investigating its Recent Diffusion in Top Management Journals.” The article studies the globalization of business and the corresponding increase in the   volume and relevance of international research. Its findings point …
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CARHUS Plus+: 1st stage of CARHUS

Plus+ is a system to classify scientific journals from Social Sciences and Humanities that are published at locally, nationally and internationally. This project, developed by AGAUR following a proposal by the Direcció General de Recerca of the Generalitat de Catalunya, is in its first stage. Its objective is to contribute to research carried out. For more information click here