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Regional Economic Outlook Update

The IMF has just published the Regional Economic Outlook updates for: Asia and Pacific region, sub-Saharan Africa region and Western Hemisphere region. According to the Asia and Pacific region report, growth in the region has slowed.  External headwinds played a major role, as the recovery in advanced economies suffered setbacks. Weaker momentum in China and India …
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Improving Energy Security and Reducing Carbon Intensity in Asia and the Pacific

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) have launched the study “Improving Energy Security and Reducing Carbon Intensity in Asia and the Pacific.” The report discusses the real and present challenges in improving energy security and reducing carbon intensity in the region. The Asia and Pacific need expanding supplies of …
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Regional Economic Outlook: Asia and Pacific

The International Monetary Fund has just published the October 2009 “Regional Economic Outlook: Asia and Pacific”. Although the region was hit extremely hard during the global crisis, it has rebounded fast. Asia’s growth is forecast to accelerate to 5.75% in 2010 from 2.75% in 2009, both higher than previously projected. Starting in February 2009, the …
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