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OECD Economic Survey of Chile

The OECD has just launched its latest Economic Survey of Chile. The report notes that Chile’s strong recovery lost some momentum as the world economy slowed, weakening copper prices and consumer confidence in the country. Given considerable uncertainties regarding the health of the world economy, more supportive macroeconomic policies may be needed in the short …
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Brazil & Chile National Human Development Reports

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has just published two new national human development reports. The first of them, “Brasil Ponto a Ponto: Consulta Pública”, presents the results of public discussions about what changes are needed in Brazil to improve the lives of the country’s people. The second report, “Desarrollo Humano en Chile”, assesses the current …
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Economic Survey of Chile

The OECD has just published its “Economic Survey of Chile.” The country, which is now on the path to becoming the OECD’s newest member, is coming out of recession relatively fast on the back of government stimulus measures and a rebound in cooper export prices. Although income per capita on a purchasing power parity basis …
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