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Guidelines for City Mobility: Steering towards Collaboration

How people and goods get around our cities is undergoing considerable change. As new mobility options are introduced, cities and communities are trying to lower emissions, improve safety and increase affordability and accessibility of transport networks. Cities, mobility partners, and communities are taking a systems perspective to rethink the movement of people and goods. Developed …
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EBSLG Annual General Meeting 2019

The EBSLG Annual General Meeting 2019 will take place in Barcelona from June 11-14, 2019. The theme, “Fostering Collaboration: New Horizons for Business Libraries”, invites European Business Schools Librarians’ Group (EBSLG) members to explore new ways to revamp collaboration inside the group, among business libraries and with the best players in the business information industry. …
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Science-Industry Knowledge Exchange

Countries deploy a variety of financial, regulatory and soft policy instruments to promote science-industry knowledge exchange. While these instruments are often discussed in isolation, they are implemented collectively and may reinforce and complement but also weaken or even negatively affect each other and add excessive complexity. The OECD paper “Science-industry knowledge exchange: A mapping of …
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