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Travel and Logistics: Data Drives the Race for Customers

The report analyzes data from 15 European countries to better understand emerging travel industry technology and customer needs in the travel and logistics sectors. What can companies in this space do to respond to shifts and sharpen their digitization strategies? The report is available from the McKinsey website.

Rethinking pharma productivity

The fundamentals of the pharma industry remain strong. A growing and aging population with significant unmet needs is creating high demand. New technologies are emerging; these could revolutionize the way new medicines and devices are developed, tested, and marketed, as well as the way pharma companies interact and build relationships with their customers. The article …
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The decoded company: know your talent better than you know your customers by Leerom Segal.

Overview: A powerful guide to building a data-centric corporate culture that unleashes talent and improves engagement Amazon delights customers with recommendations that are spot on. Google amazes us by generating answers before we’ve even finished asking a question. These companies know who we are and what we want. The key to their magic is Big …
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