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Spanish Reform Monitor

The sixth Spanish Reform Monitor, covering the period up to 2017-Q3, encounters a mix of signals about the state of the economy and the reformist agenda in Spain. Growth and recovery appear to be well stablished with solid medium-term perspectives but policy reform in most areas remains stalled or advancing only too slowly. To access …
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Barómetro del clima de negocios en España. Resultados 2016

This latest study captures how 700 foreign companies felt about the business climate in Spain during the 2016 financial year. It also explores their outlook for the economy as well as the most important business opportunities and challenges for the next two years. The findings provide policy makers with valuable insights into the Spanish economy’s …
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The Global Risks Report 2017

The World Economic Forum has just published the Global Risk Report 2017. For over a decade the Global Risk Report has focused attention on the evolution of global risks and the deep interconnections between them. This year’s report examines the five greatest priorities facing the world in 2017, their interconnections and the actions necessary to …
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Closing the Economic Gender Gap report by WEF

In the 10 years since the World Economic Forum began measuring the economic gender gap it has narrowed by only 3% globally. To accelerate the pace of change, the Forum launched Gender Parity Task Forces in Mexico, Turkey and Japan in 2012. A further task force followed in 2014 in the Republic of Korea. The …
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The Economic Consequences of Brexit

The OECD has just published “The Economic Consequences of Brexit: A Taxing Decision.” According to the study, a decision by Britain to leave the European Union would cause a severe negative shock to the economy and weaken GDP growth for many years, equivalent to a cost per household of GBP 3200 per year by 2030 …
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V Spanish Reform Monitor

The main reforms of the Spanish economy are still pending, with the sole exception of those in the financial arena, which is the only area given a passing grade by the experts consulted in the fifth Spanish Reform Monitor, jointly published by IESE and the Spanish Savings Bank Foundation (Funcas). The experts’ overall evaluation of …
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Huawei’s Global Connectivity Index 2016

Huawei’s Global Connectivity Index (GCI) was first launched in 2014 and measures how 50 nations are progressing with digital transformation using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This index was developed to analyze the full spectrum of connectivity measurements and provides a detailed map of the global digital economy. The GCI is a unique quantitative assessment that comprehensively and …
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Global Risks Report 2016

In its 11th edition, The Global Risks Report 2016 by the World Economic Forum  draws attention to ways that global risks could evolve and interact in the next decade. The report features perspectives on the perceived impact and likelihood of 29 prevalent global risks, divided into five categories: economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological. The report …
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The New Plastics Economy

The World Economic Forum jointly with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has published the report “The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the future of plastics.” One of the big headlines from the report was that if we continue dumping plastic in the sea at the present rate, measured by weight, there will be more plastic than fish …
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Five Trends to Watch in 2016

It’s going to be a decisive year for the economy, international relations, new technologies and business, say IESE professors. Javier Díaz Giménez, Africa Ariño, Sebastian Reiche, José Luis Nueno andSandra Sieber highlight some of the coming trends. To see the video and download the infographic, visit the IESE website.