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Getting to par: Spotting the sand traps in Latin America oil and gas

Accounting for 20 per cent of the world’s known oil reserves, Latin America is emerging as one of the world’s rapidly growing energy markets and is poised to become a significant player on the world energy stage. However, Latin America faces momentous environmental, economic, and social challenges in leveraging its vast hydrocarbon resources. As a …
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Market potential in energy efficiency in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia offers immense opportunities for energy efficiency technologies, but the market potentials need to be tackled systematically by both government and industry. This is the key finding of a new study conducted by the Sustainability Committee of the European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. The study addresses the evolution of …
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CEE in 2020 – Trends and perspectives for the next decade

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants presents this study, based on interviews with 320 managers from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The study highlights the strengths and weaknesses, growth opportunities and risks of the economies of CEE. CEE is forecast to remain a growth region, though with lower growth rates than before 2009. A reorientation in the …
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Generating Insights: Accelerating Into a New Era in Energy

This report published by IBM and Kyoto Publishing explores how the global electric utility industry continues to be reinvented through new technologies and confronting opportunities relating to business strategy, technology innovation, customer interface, regulation, security and consumer demand. To learn more or order a copy of this report, visit the Generating Insights website.

Toward a Sunny Future? Global Integration in the Solar PV Industry

Policymakers seem to face a trade-off when designing national trade and investment policies related to clean energy sectors. They have pledged to address climate change and accelerate the large-scale deployment of renewable energy technologies, which would benefit from increased global integration. At the same time, they are also keen to nurture and protect domestic clean …
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Switching perspectives: New business models for energy

Global Business Services’ Institute for Business Value have unveiled a new report showing that shifts in government policy, technology and consumer demand are making the long-standing business models used by energy and utility companies obsolete. The study documents how a business model based on the past “grow-and-build” philosophy needs to be replaced by fresh business …
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Empowering ideas. A look at ten of the top emerging issues in the power and utilities sector

According to a new report published by Deloitte, organizations are faced with constantly shifting environmental, regulatory and consumer demands and many traditional utilities companies are having trouble finding, and getting regulatory approval, for investments that provide a rate of return commensurate with all the risks facing the industry. Similarly, when organizations do have access to …
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Energy predictions 2010

Deloitte Energy has published the first issue of its Energy Predictions report, which includes forecasts for the worldwide energy sector. The report is being released at a time when many economies – both developed and developing – are emerging from one of the deepest global recessions in the last 50 years. Given the number of …
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Energy and Natural Resources Finance Survey

The Energy and Natural Resources sector must cope with many, sometimes unique challenges that make the task of financing large-scale projects extremely difficult. These include remote and dispersed operations, tough and varied political and regulatory environments, the finite nature of exploration finds, and significant merger and acquisition activity. This has helped to shape a narrow …
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