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Energy Scenario: Employment Implications of the Paris Climate Agreement

This report explores the potential employment and economic impacts of an EU transition to a low-carbon economy by 2030 – on the EU, and on other regions of the world. It analyses the impacts across sectors and occupations, with a particular focus on manufacturing. The report highlights that the impact of such a transition is …
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Global Energy Perspective 2018

Based on McKinsey expertise, insights and tools, GEP represents the latest consensus on how the energy transition will unfold. The study takes into account both macro- and micro-economic developments and the model shows demand projections for 145 countries, 28 sectors, and 55 fuel types. The report is available from the McKinsey website.

Industries in 2019

The world’s major industries are all set for further growth in 2019, but there are some worrying risks. “Industries in 2019” examines examine the top five global risks affecting six key industry sectors: automotive, consumer goods and retail, energy, financial services, healthcare, and telecoms. The report analyses what to expect for 2019, focusing on how …
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Global Innovation Index 2018

The Global Innovation Index (GII) provides detailed metrics about the innovation performance of 126 countries which represent 90.8% of the world’s population and 96.3% of global GDP. Its 80 indicators explore a broad vision of innovation, including political environment, education, infrastructure and business sophistication. The GII 2018 marks the 11th edition of the GII, and …
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State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2018

The report was launched recently at the Innovate4Climate (I4C) conference – the World Bank Group’s flagship annual event on climate finance, investment and markets which brings together global business, policy and finance leaders to discuss innovative climate finance solutions. The annual State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2018 report shows that carbon pricing continues to …
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Fostering Effective Energy Transition

The first edition of the Fostering Effective Energy Transition report, prepared with analytical support from McKinsey & Company, is part of the World Economic Forum System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Energy. The report Fostering Effective Energy Transition: A Fact-Based Framework to Support Decision-Making introduces the “Energy Transition Index”, which builds upon the previous …
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Electric vehicles in Europe

This report provides a non-technical summary of the latest information on electric road vehicles in Europe, including those with hybrid technologies. It focuses upon electric passenger vehicles, explaining the different types that are now available on the market, how each type works, and their respective advantages and disadvantages. Click here to read the report in …
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A Greener Path to Competitiveness

The World Bank Group, CLASP and Carbon Trust have just published the report “A Greener Path to Competitiveness: Policies for Climate Action in Industries and Products.” The study offers recommendations and guidance on how companies and countries can stay competitive while implementing more climate-friendly technologies and strategies. The report finds that making climate-critical changes in …
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Advancing Europe’s energy system: stationary fuel cells in distributed generation

Europe’s energy systems are profoundly changing, with renewable energy sources capturing ever larger shares of power generation and energy systems increasingly decentralizing. In this transformation, innovative technologies for distributed generation of electricity and heat are important enablers. Stationary fuel cells can take Europe’s energy transition one step further, converting both fossil and green fuels to …
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Renewable Energy in Europe – approximated recent growth and knock-on effects

This report introduces several methods the European Environment Agency (EEA) has developed for assessing and communicating early RES growth and the important knock-on effects that RES growth has on the energy sector and related areas. The report provides specific information at EU and country level on estimated RES progress in 2013, estimated gross avoided carbon …
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