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Do Environmental Policies Affect Global Value Chains?

The OECD has just published the report “Do environmental policies affect global value chains? A new perspective on the pollution haven hypothesis.” According to the study countries that implement tougher environmental policies do not lose export competitiveness when compared against countries with more moderate regulations. The new OECD report analyses historic export data in high …
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OECD at 2015 Paris Climate Conference

The OECD has just published “COP21: A selected OECD bibliography on climate change.” Find the following topics covered: -International Climate Change Framework, Finance & Investment -Policy Coherence and Economic Analysis -Climate Change Mitigation -Adaptation to Climate Change -Environment & Environmental Policy -Green Growth, Taxation & Other Market-Based Instruments -Agriculture & Fisheries -Energy -Transport & Tourism …
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Towards a Green Economy in Europe

The European Envirionment Agency has just published the report titled “Towards a Green Economy in Europe: EU environmental policy targets and objectives 2010-2050”. The ‘green economy’ has emerged as a priority in policy debate in recent years. But what does the concept mean in practice and how can decision-makers measure progress towards this strategic goal? …
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Putting Green Growth at the Heart of Development

To mark World Environment Day, the OECD has released a report, titled “Putting Green Growth at the Heart of Development.” The report explores the interface between environment, poverty reduction and development, with chapters on: understanding the development dimension of green growth; why is green growth vital for developing countries?; an agenda for action on national …
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Germany Stays Committed to Nuclear Power

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government agreed to a two-tier extension of the life spans of German nuclear power plants after recent marathon talks laid the groundwork on energy policy. The German coalition decided to keep the nuclear power plants on line for eight to 14 years (Photo: Reuters) The agreement ends months of division in …
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Turning Up the Volts: The Future of the Spanish Electrical Sector

stock.xchng The Spanish electrical sector will have to install between 3,500 and 5,000 megavolts of new capacity by 2030 to guarantee supply, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability, warns a new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Achieving this will require annual investments of between €4,000m and €8,000m, meaning a total investment of €85,000m – €170,000m from now till …
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Environmental Policy Design Characteristics and Technological Innovation

A paper focusing on the issue of innovation and technology transfer in the areas of air pollution abatement, wastewater effluent treatment, solid waste management, and climate change mitigation has just been issued by the OECD. The study provides an overview of the current trends in innovative activity in the areas of pollution abatement and control …
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Key European Environmental Issues Facing Europe

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has just published EEA Signals 2009. It provides snapshot stories on issues of interest both to the environmental policy debate and the wider public for the upcoming year. They address priority issues of climate change, nature and biodiversity, the use of natural resources and health.