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Europeans in 2014

To coincide with the forthcoming European Parliament elections, the European Commission has just published a Special Eurobarometer survey titled “Europeans 2014”. The survey provides a snapshot of current public opinion on the economic outlook in Europe and the future of the EU. The responses show that optimism and trust are on the rise. Here are …
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Undeclared Work in Europe

Eurobarometer has just published the results of its latest survey “Undeclared Work in the EU”. According to the survey, undeclared work is still a widespread phenomenon in Europe, although the problem is perceived differently from country to country. One-tenth of Europeans admit that they have bought goods or services involving undeclared work in the previous …
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Geographical and Labor Market Mobility Report

The European Commission has just released a new Special Eurobarometer survey entitled “Geographical and Labor Market Mobility.” The survey sheds light on Europeans’ attitudes to worker mobility, finding that: -Most Europeans think moving countries or regions is good for EU integration and half think it is good for the economy, labor market and individuals. -10 …
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