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PISA 2015 Results: Excellence and Equity in Education

The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) has just published the “PISA 2015 Results: Excellence and Equity in Education”. PISA evaluates, every three years, what 15-year-old students know and can do in science, reading, and mathematics. It focuses on students’ attitudes towards learning science, including their expectations of working in science-related careers. Singapore ranked 1st …
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PISA 2012 Results: Students and Money

The OECD PISA 2012 “Students and Money: Financial Literacy Skills for the 21st Century” results examines 15-year-old students’ performance in financial literacy in the 18 countries and economies. According to the study around one in seven students are unable to make even simple decisions about everyday spending, and only one in ten can solve complex …
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