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New ITU Study: Connecting Humanity

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has recently published “Connecting Humanity – Assessing investment needs of connecting humanity to the Internet by 2030“, a comprehensive new study that estimates the investment needed to achieve universal, affordable broadband connectivity for all humanity by the end of this decade. Nearly half the global population aged 10 years and over …
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Digital Skills Insights 2019

The third issue of the ITU publication (previously called “Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment”) features eight articles from international experts, which take a critical and analytical approach towards the subject of capacity and digital skills development. The first set of articles provides a broad overview of the discussion on digital literacy frameworks, new …
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Gender equality in the EU’s digital and media sectors

Ahead of the international women’s day, check out the latest briefing by the European Parliament’s Research Service: “Gender equality in the EU’s digital and media sectors”. For this year’s International Women’s Day the European Parliament is stressing the importance of the role women play in media and ICT. The media and information and communication technology …
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