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Indicador de Dinamismo Laboral Meta4 IDL, 2015

The ‘Meta4 IDL’ tracks the evolution of employment in Spain on a twice yearly basis, through the analysis of movements in and out of job positions across almost 800 companies. These movements do not imply any change in the total volume of workers, but rather changes in their roles and positions. The latest report portrays …
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Índice de Dinamismo Laboral (IDL)

The Labor Dynamism Indicator (IDL, for its Spanish acronym), developed jointly by Meta4 and IRCO/IESE, has conducted a thorough analysis of the 2010-2014 period, using a sample of more than 150,000 employees of 796 companies operating in Spain across 21 different sectors. This new indicator, which measures the movement of workers between already existing jobs …
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