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MarketLine: New Access and Interface Upgrade

We would like to inform you that MarketLine database has been upgraded to a new and improved user interface. The URL also has changed. MarketLine is a multi-disciplinary product by GlobalData Plc, providing global Business Intelligence on Companies, Countries, Industries & Case Studies on an easy to use online platform. Users can compare economic & …
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Industries in 2019

The world’s major industries are all set for further growth in 2019, but there are some worrying risks. “Industries in 2019” examines examine the top five global risks affecting six key industry sectors: automotive, consumer goods and retail, energy, financial services, healthcare, and telecoms. The report analyses what to expect for 2019, focusing on how …
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Artificial Intelligence 2017

This Statista report offers insights into Artificial Intelligence, its forms of application and its potential. AI is one of the hot digital topics and it is being applied in many industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, entertainment, and education. Not only does automation through AI lead to cost savings, it is also expected to result …
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