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Understanding Value in Media: Perspectives from Consumers and Industry

The disruption of the media industry, with the rise of social media, the digitization of content and the increase in mobile consumption has changed traditional funding models beyond recognition. The role of media historically has been central to the making of society and the construction of identity. At this dark moment for humanity, threatened by …
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Innovation Support in the Enterprise Sector: Industry and SMEs

This OECD policy paper outlines major policy trends in public support of innovation activities in industry and SMEs across OECD countries. It discusses the policy mix to strengthen business R&D and innovation, and possible avenues to improve this mix in response to evolving needs, driven new trends in technology and other factors. Across the OECD, …
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Agriculture 4.0 – Digitalization as an Opportunity

One of the greatest challenges of our generation is to provide a rapidly growing number of people with sufficient food – and healthy food. This study examines how agriculture and industry can, and must, cooperate in the future to tackle this mammoth task. The report is available from the Roland Berger website

Shaping the Future of Construction: Future Scenarios and Implications for the Industry

The World Economic Forum has recently published the “Future Scenarios and Implications for the Industry” report, in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group. The report is part of the World Economic Forum Initiative on Shaping the Future of Construction. Incremental change is not an option any more in the construction industry. By redefining the ultimate …
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