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Innovation Support in the Enterprise Sector: Industry and SMEs

This OECD policy paper outlines major policy trends in public support of innovation activities in industry and SMEs across OECD countries. It discusses the policy mix to strengthen business R&D and innovation, and possible avenues to improve this mix in response to evolving needs, driven new trends in technology and other factors. Across the OECD, …
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Agriculture 4.0 – Digitalization as an Opportunity

One of the greatest challenges of our generation is to provide a rapidly growing number of people with sufficient food – and healthy food. This study examines how agriculture and industry can, and must, cooperate in the future to tackle this mammoth task. The report is available from the Roland Berger website

Shaping the Future of Construction: Future Scenarios and Implications for the Industry

The World Economic Forum has recently published the “Future Scenarios and Implications for the Industry” report, in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group. The report is part of the World Economic Forum Initiative on Shaping the Future of Construction. Incremental change is not an option any more in the construction industry. By redefining the ultimate …
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The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing

The use of advanced industrial robots is nearing the point of takeoff, a development that could power a new wave of productivity growth in many industries and lead to changes of up to 5 percentage points in the cost competitiveness of major export economies relative to the U.S., according to new research by The Boston …
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EU Competing in Global Value Chains

The European Commission has just published the “EU Industrial Structure Report 2013: Competing in Global Value Chains”. According to the study, there are signs of a tentative recovery in EU industrial and service performance, although not all sectors have regained their pre-crisis level of development. The report bases its analysis on productivity and its underlying …
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Global R&D Ranking

For the first time since 2004, an EU company is the world’s largest private sector R&D investor. Volkswagen tops the European Commission’s “2013 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard” with an investment of €9.5bn in 2012. Overall, EU-based firms (527 companies) stepped up R&D investment by 6.3%, just above the average of the 2000 firms in …
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European Competitiveness Report 2012

The EC has just published the “European Competitiveness Report 2012: Reaping the benefits of globalization”. The 2012 edition of the report provides new empirical evidence for understanding the drivers of industrial competitiveness and the opportunities and constraints faced by European enterprises in the post-crisis recession. The focus of this year report is on maximizing the …
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New product: MarketLine Advantage

The IESE Library now has subscribed to MarketLine Advantage. MarketLine Advantage is an interactive subscription platform offering a comprehensive and unique collection of company, industry, financial, and country information extending across every major marketplace worldwide. MarketLine Advantage gives you access to their new case studies, which offer concise evaluations of the latest innovative company strategies …
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The Global Online and Mobile Advertising Industry Outlook

Datamonitor 360 has just published its latest study, “The Global Online and Mobile Advertising Industry Outlook”. This report is an in-depth study of the online and mobile advertising industry. It examines the online and mobile advertising industries in terms of market size, segments, growth forecasts, drivers, and resistors. It also analyzes the emerging landscape of the …
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