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Huawei’s Global Connectivity Index 2016

Huawei’s Global Connectivity Index (GCI) was first launched in 2014 and measures how 50 nations are progressing with digital transformation using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This index was developed to analyze the full spectrum of connectivity measurements and provides a detailed map of the global digital economy. The GCI is a unique quantitative assessment that comprehensively and …
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Industrialized and Ready for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation of banking is powered by the remarkable development of digital technology and convergent evolution of information, communication, computing and connectivity technologies. Customers of financial services increasingly embed digital technologies into their everyday life, creating new demands and expectations for banks. The subject of this study, led by Prof. Robert W. Gregory and Synpulse …
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The 2013 Web Index

The World Wide Web Foundation has just published “The 2013 Web Index.”, the world’s first measure of the Web’s contribution to social, economic and political development in 81 countries. Sweden tops the annual Web Index country rankings for 2013 followed by Norway, United Kingdom, United States of America and New Zealand. The Philippines has emerged …
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