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Marissa Mayer and the fight to save Yahoo! by Nicholas Carlson.

Overview: A page-turning narrative about Marissa Mayer’s efforts to remake Yahoo as well as her own rise from Stanford University undergrad to CEO of a $30 billion corporation by the age of 38. When Yahoo hired star Google executive Mayer to be its CEO in 2012 employees rejoiced. They put posters on the walls throughout …
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Toward a Competitive European Internet Industry

The RAND Corporation has just published the report, “Towards a Competitive European Internet Industry: A Socio-economic Analysis of the European Internet Industry and the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership.” The study was set up to estimate the potential economic and societal contributions of the European Internet industry as well as the impact of EU support for …
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The Facebook Effect: the Inside Story of the Company that is Connecting the World by David Kirkpatrick. ISBN: 9780753522745

Synopsis from the Publisher IN LITTLE MORE THAN HALF A DECADE, Facebook has gone from a dorm-room novelty to a company with 500 million users. It is one of the fastest growing companies in history, an essential part of the social life not only of teenagers but hundreds of millions of adults worldwide. As Facebook …
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