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Minimum Wages in 2019 – Annual Review

In most EU Member States, reviews of the statutory minimum wage rates spark a great deal of public interest. Such reviews affect the wider workforce, beyond those workers on the statutory minimum wage. Pay rates in collective agreements may be adapted in response to an increase in the minimum wage, affecting lower-paid workers more generally; …
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Statutory Minimum Wages 2018

Increases to minimum wages have gathered pace since 2010, with the highest increases recorded in countries which had the lowest minimum wages. However, a large gap remains with minimum wage workers in Bulgaria, the country with the lowest statutory minimum wage, earning just one-eighth the salary of minimum wages workers in Luxembourg, which has the …
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Wages in Europe

Eurofound has just published the “Pay in Europe in the 21st Century” report. The study features a comparative time series on wage-bargaining outcomes across the EU as well as the findings of research on the different systems and current levels of minimum wages in Europe. The study evaluates the implication of a hypothetical scenario of …
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