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New Tasks in Old Jobs: Drivers of Change and Implications for Job Quality

The overview report “New tasks in old jobs: Drivers of change and implications for job quality” summarises the findings of 20 case studies looking at recent changes in the task content of five manufacturing occupations (car assemblers, meat processing workers, hand-packers, chemical products plant and machine operators and inspection engineers) as a result of factors …
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Overview of New Forms of Employment – 2018 Update

Across Europe, new forms of employment are emerging that differ significantly from traditional employment. Some of these forms of employment transform the relationship between employer and employee while others change work organisation and work patterns. They often involve locations other than the usual employer’s premises, and or extensive use of information and communications technology. This …
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Automation, Digitalisation and Platforms: Implications for Work and Employment

The onset of the digital revolution has resulted in technological advances that are constantly evolving. A key element of concern to policymakers is the impact that these changes will have on the world of work and employment. This report reviews the history of the digital revolution to date, placing it in the context of other …
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